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Day Three

Day three, second application, and I'm already noticing a few changes in my skin.

I don't believe I have gotten any new closed comedones on my cheeks today. The ones I have already had seem to be surfacing and/or becoming inflamed. Perhaps this is the BHA working them out? I sincerely hope so.

I looked at myself with the 'big light' in my bathroom a few minutes ago (this is a light that I, unless extremely happy-go-lucky, refuse to use) and I was not entirely disappointed with what I saw. Yes, there are still bumps. Yes, there are still red dots. But overall, I was noticing a few smoother spots, and it's only my third day! I never noticed this while on Differin. And, these results on Tazorac were depressingly sparse. I believe that since BHAs exfoliate inside the pore, you have a better shot at clearer skin. Am I correct in my thinking?

I can't wait to see how this all progresses. Also, I hope I'm not speaking too soon. There is nothing worse than speaking too soon.


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