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Day 6



So today is day 6, and I can honestly say my skin looks better already! Granted, it's the time when I clear up anyway, but normally not THIS much. I haven't gotten a single new pimple since I got a couple of tiny ones on day 3, and they've all cleared up for the most part. I basically have no pimples on my face at all right now... there are a couple bumps from ones that are toward the end of the healing process, and of course my usual red marks, but even those seem to be getting better. I switched to Mario Badescu Rice and Carnation Oil Cleanser a few days ago (before I started Absorica, I was using Boscia cleanser) so maybe that's helping too.

No real side effects yet... I had a tiny dry patch on my nose in between my nostrils, most likely because it's a spot I tend to miss when applying moisturizer. But other than that, nothing.

Also, I know this was a bad idea, but I gave in and drank the other night. I was planning on giving up alcohol for the 6 months on Absorica, but it's definitely easier said than done when you're in college. I really thought I'd at least last the summer though. I definitely got drunk WAY quicker (which could also be due to the fact that I went from drinking Tuesday-Saturday nights at school to rarely ever now that it's summer). And I mean WAY quicker, like, I probably drank less than 1/3 the amount I used to in a normal night and got just as drunk. So anyone considering drinking on Absorica, I would definitely recommend taking it slow and giving your body time to react so you don't overdo it.

Anyway, I'm really optimistic about this. I think I might even come off of Yaz... I took my last pink pill yesterday and might just stop now so that my triglycerides go back to normal levels. We'll see.

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I just want to caution you against acne-free euphoria. I have had it too. It happens when your skin begins to clear and you think you're all good so you stop treatment. Don't. Stay on Yaz and accutane.

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