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From: Advice From Old Dermatologist



Dr Jerome Litt is an older dermatologist who has advice for what works and doesn't work in controlling acne. His posts can be found on Health Tap and are very interesting. He says there are many disagreements in the professional community regarding diet and acne but he is one dermatologist who firmly believes there is a connection. He recommends avoiding all dairy foods, high sugar foods, and all nuts including peanut butter. He has seen dramatic improvement in patients who do this and who also use benzoil peroxide products. https://www.healthtap.com/topics/do-nuts-cause-acne

I found this very interesting and did what he said. I have sensitive skin and even with my regime below was still getting little spots here and there. I wasn't worried about them...but why not go for totally clear and maybe use less meds? So I have been following his dietary advice for a couple of weeks and my skin has been totally clear. I used to eat a handful of nuts everyday (organic almonds or walnuts). The problem with nuts is their high Omega 6 content which can cause inflammation in acne prone people.

I need to update my info below but now I am off the retin-a (it caused too much peeling anyway) and I hope to move towards getting off the doxy too.

Anyway hope this might be of interest to others!


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