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Jarrit Spoke About 'diet/moderation/carb/balance/acne) (From: Can White Rice Cause Acne?)



There is no definitive answer here. Why? People are different.

White rice gets a negative rap because it "spikes insulin" and various other things. It will apparently make you fat, turn into sugar, and give you giant pimples. . .

I'm Asian (Korean). I've been an acne sufferer for years, and incidentally, my acne began to appear when I refused to eat my mother's Korean dishes. I resorted to eating sandwiches, bread, pasta, etc. because sitting down for a Korean meal just didn't excite me the way a Philly cheesesteak sandwich would.

Just think about my situation for a bit. I went from eating rice, with leaves of lettuce, cooked pieces of meat, fermented cabbage, spinach, bean paste, to a giant loaf of bread toasted with butter covering greasy slices of beef and liquid cheese. Yikes! This wasn't just acne from puberty, it was acne from liquid death and oil. Acne continued well beyond my late teens.

I'm here, primarily, to talk about a few key words :

- Moderation

- Balance

- Diet

This really shouldn't require any explanation at all. Moderation is key - overeating contributes to acne. Balance is required in your diet as well. Eating 4 or 5 cups of cooked white rice, while filling, will cause an adverse reaction in the body. Control portions, and eat a nice salmon fillet with the rice. If you're feeling brave, throw in a few broccoli stalks.

The GI index across the board of white rice, basmati, brown rice, etc. is inconsequential.

One cannot eliminate just white rice, and expect to cure their acne. This path will be met with disappointment, unless you are allergic to white rice.

The steps that people take upon discovering that they can cure their acne through diet are typically as follows :

1. Eliminate something from the diet and see if that sticks.

2. Consume something the individual has never consumed before, in large doses and quantity.

In an ideal scenario, the individual knows what to avoid and what to eat. In most scenarios, people have no idea. They will haphazardly eliminate and begin consuming extra vitamins and substances their entire family tree is foreign to.


I feel the problem lies in the complexity that is set forth by acne systems, and medicine in general. Yes, white rice isn't the most amazing choice for someone on a diet, or attempting to lose weight. But it's a damn good choice for someone on a budget, who is young and active, and is looking for an alternative to bread.

Take food product(s) available in your typical American store plaza. These plazas typically have things like S afeway,Quiznos, El Pollo Loco, Jack in the Box, McDonalds, Subway, Taco Bell, Jamba Juice, Panda Express, TGI Friday's, Rubio's, and possibly a hole in the wall Mexican Taqueria.

Walk through any of these places and attempt to find yourself a decent meal (quick and easy). The problem is that most people haven't got a clue what is healthy, and what is not. These places have mostly bad options readily available, because people want their fix of terrible food without waiting. Instant gratification.

It's not a secret. Think and observe carefully, what you are about to eat. Look at the ingredients that entail the majority of your dish. Cilantro? Chicken? White Rice? Tortilla chips? Gobs of liquid cheese?

I'm pretty sure some of you are inhaling the nachos, telling yourselves that white rice is the culprit. In my case, I've inhaled nachos and tortilla chips, and eaten my fair share of burgers, to tell any fellow asian person this :

I cured my acne by eating fewer processed foods. While white rice will not be very good for everyone, it became a veritable super-food for me. It was the bread I never had. It was the energy that got me working just a little harder at the gym, or sprinting just a bit faster on my bike. White rice gave me an option that wasn't a tortilla, or a giant loaf of bread.

When you think processed, don't just think about chemical additives. Think about what it took for the food to go from a whole vegetable or meat cut, to what it is on your plate.

Is it fried?


Are there preservatives added?

If you have food allergies, curing your acne may be down to eliminating just 1 simple ingredient. If you really do have acne, well, I'm happy to say eliminating acne might be as simple as eating more whole foods, and less junk.

The path is difficult, but I don't think one should lead themselves astray from it. If you say that eating whole foods isn't the cure, I'm quite certain you likely never gave it a real try. Next time you're out with your buddies, don't forget the junk food you eat, the beers you drank, or the fried whatever you devoured, before convicting white rice of being such a bad option.

In today's wasteland of horrible dietary options, white rice is an amazing sidekick to eating delicious whole foods as the centerpiece.


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