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How Should A Wash/cleanser(Bha Washes) Be Like?how Are The Criteria That Should Be Kept In Mind?

reviews should be considered after u've figured out a product that fulfills all ur criteria.

they should be -

  • a mild bha(salicylic acid 1% or less to start with - since u dnt have severe flaky skin problems u'll nt need high concentration ones but increasing the strength as u get used to the ingredients is still an option),
  • paraben free,
  • no oil(if its a cream cleanser),
  • no comedogenic ingredients,
  • no SLS,
  • less/no fragnance,
  • depending on the texture of ur skin u can choose a cream bases or foaming cleanser,
  • pH balanced(around 5.5 or lil' less - i don't prefer really low pH ones just like the high pH ones),
  • devoid of unnecessary harsh chemicals, no physical scrubing particles(specially if skin is sensitive).


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