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Six Months

I remember when I first got put on accutane they said it would be for 6 months. Well happy six months, if all went well I would now be done. I had my last appointment about 2 weeks, had another injection into my check, darn thing is persistent. I am back on antibiotics, E-Mycin these ones are called and they are suppose to stop the bacteria that is causing any lumps.. and I have to stay on these until I return in about 2 months. right now my face is completely dot free. flat and with make up you would never know the terrors hiding beneath. Haha it has been worse, and the red i slowly going.. i think the massive patches of red are smaller, I have been applying lemon juice for the last 5 nights as I have read that it fades (or probably bleaches- what the heck) hyperpigmentation as im not allowed to put any thing on it until January and Im going to China in a few months and I would prefer not to have to paint my face every day. Has any one tried this? I put rose hip oil on with my moisturiser every morning also so it isn't drying. Ive almost used a bottle of rose hip in the last few weeks, no idea if it does any thing but can't hurt.. well that is all i have left to report!

good night!

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