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Plain Sailing



Ok so it all feels a bit too good to be true at the minute and it's rather unsettling! I'm not used to feeling so carefree about my skin and not wearing a scrap of make up, it's such a good feeling and makes me realise it's so worth the effort of not picking. Even though I have a couple of comedones on my forehead I'm managing to ignore them. I know that I can't get complacent because it's often the case that I revert back to my old habits when I'm least self-aware. I am really trying not to pick at all but with the massive failure I had going cold-turkey, I allowed myself to pick one tiny hairline hard whitehead which appears to have vanished now. But still, I need to keep it in check.

I'm also a bit worried that the damage I did a few weeks back may become scarring, I picked, then continuously messed with for about 4 days 2 tiny clogged pores next to each other in between my hairline and eyebrows which turned them into massive, painful, puss-filled bumps for a while and then even stupidly kept picking off the dry skin that formed over them when the scabs fell off. They were indented at first which seems to have gone now, but the skin is really white - before my holiday they were slightly visible but now I have a tan they are quite obvious, plus I was expecting them to fade in the sun but apparently not sad.png So if scarring isn't enough of a deterrent then I don't know what is!

I started the vitamin d experiment last night too, in fairness I'm not expecting miracles - the container said it was for healthy teeth, bones and immunity so even if it does nothing for my skin I'll be happy about the other benefits. It's too early to update yet but I'll keep an eye on it and see if there's any changes.

Overall I'm feeling really positive that this time around I'll be able to avoid any major picking binges for quite a while - my goal is to last as long as possible but realistically I'm aiming for a month to start with, but it's always a process so I'll do my best and take it each day at a time :)

Update: I just picked at a tiny blackhead on my nostril and now it's all red and sore :( why why why did i do it!...I guess on the plus side I was standing pin-in-hand examining all the stuff I could pick and restrained myself. Maybe this fairly unnoticeable one on my nostril will serve as a warning!

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Just curious, do use tretinoin aka Retin-A? It's really good for clearing pores and purging comodones or is comodoes? anyhow...tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide is a killer epi-duo but you can make your own epiduo if your insurance wont cover epiduo like mine wont. I digress...well good job on picking less..I admire you for stopping or at least cutting way down. I used to pick at my zits daily for about 30 minutes a day until my face was a bloody was sad...then I started amoxicillin and woosh...clear skin...I know I ramble on about antibiotics but I swear they work miracles on cystic pus filled pimples..on and on good luck!

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