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Day Two



Day 2! I did the regimen and I think I'm getting better at being super gentle. No new red bumps but I did get a white head form on my nose but I took care of that bastard quickly. I dont know why, I went from getting ZERO pimples on my nose to suddenly getting them there a lot more often. Usually these nasty whiteheads. Or are they cysts? I dont know the difference. Theyre not super big but theyre not tiny either.

Anyway like I said, no new zits to report in the worst zone (other than that one which isn't so worrying).

It looks like Im not breaking out from the moisturizer. Im sure the jojoba oil wouldnt cause breakouts. Thats not what I worry about.


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Good luck on The Regimen. I am about a month and a few days in and i have seen good progress on the upper half of my face. The lower half most notably, my chin/mouth/jaw area continues to struggle. Keep positive and realize that breakouts will come, you will get them in odd places and that irritation will happen. By month 3 though you should see consistant ptogress.

Keep us posted.

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