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Day 12

So today is day 12.

Things have been going well. Again, I drink a TON of water and haven't seen much dryness besides on my lips which i apply the aquaphor and/or vaseline.

The only thing that makes me kind of nervous is that two days ago I was feeling some uncomfortableness/minor pain in my life side after working out, kind of right where my ribs are. I wouldn't even go as far as to say pain but it was something I have never felt before. I googled it and it said that it could possibly be pancreatitis. I figured maybe it was from how hard I worked out so I didn't do anything the next day and then it was there for a second, then later I felt it in my right side, and then later I felt it in the right side of my back!!! I'm not sure if I'm scaring myself or what. My mom, who is a medical assistant, suggested calling the doctor, but honestly I know they'll just tell me to stop it so I'm just going to wait and see if I feel worse, then I will stop. Like I said, it's not pain and it's definitely not unbearable, just something I've never felt before. I get my blood work done in 2 weeks so I guess we'll get answers then.

Also a couple days ago there was a minor rash on my hand. I put lotion on it and it has gone away.

My skin is just really red. I had two pimples on each side of my mouth (so attractive) but luckily it just took a couple days to go away. I think my pores are a lot smaller but I still have blackheads on my nose.

I am going to maybe for a light run or walk. Still trying to fight the fatigue.

Oh! Also, my scalp is SO dry. Not sure if I got a sunburn or what but it's super itchy too. I already have dry, coarse hair so I haven't got to benefit the side effect of dry scalp like others have!

Until next time... :)

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