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26 Years Old With Acne



I have had acne now, on and off, for 10 years. When its on its been fairly severe, when its off I still have acne mildly. I have always understood my genes were to blame as both my parents had some acne when they were young and my older sister had some. The difference was I still have my acne, and my sister knows full well her acne is down to triggers such as alcohol etc... Hers is not as severe as mine and clears up quickly when she has a detox and relaxes. Mine doesnt.

I have thought this is down to my hormones. But I have been put on the birth control pill, and although it did lessen my acne it never went away completely. When I came off the pill all hell broke loose on my face for about 8 months leaving scars. During that time I used anything and everything to help cure me. Some things which were completely ridiculous, and I spent a huge amount of money in my desperation. I came across retinoids, a topical form of accutane. I started to use this, knowing there would be an initial breakout. I couldnt believe how bad it got from using this! I switched to epiduo, a retinoid that includes BP, it started to clear, but I always had a flushed face and the scars were worse. Summer arrived in England, I had reasonable skin.... It didnt bother me all that much, red marks were virtually gone and I was only getting occasional breakouts. I started to get a bit lazy about applying epiduo as it wasnt that practical waiting for drying etc. Plus I had started seeing a guy and was too busy getting excited about that! Towards xmas I had stopped using the Epiduo all together and unfortunately had had to take emergency contraceptive pill - MY skin hated it and broke out all that month. Its crazy how quickly my mind would go into panic mode. I quickly started using epiduo again, my skin hated it and broke out more and more! After 6 weeks of this I decided I couldnt do it again. I switched to glycolic peels but they werent really helping. all my cleansers made my skin feel tight and red. I started using BP gel like the regimen but my skin stang and peeled and was red. The red marks were SO red and wouldnt heal.

After this I once again was left with red marks, scars and acne. I had looked through some old pictures of myself when I was young before acne hit me and stared at my golden complexion. I decided no more of this. For the last month I have stopped using all my cleansers, scrubs and topicals. And now am simply washing with water, and on days where I wear A LOT of make up I use a little bit of simple cream cleanser - though this is very rarely... maybe once in a week max. As I wear makeup I found a mascara that comes off in warm water so all I need now is some cool - warm water and a cotton pad to insure i have taken off all my makeup in the evening. Cold splash of water in the morning. After one week my skin was less inflamed, its more oily but I knew that would happen. Scars and red marks are healing faster, spots are healing faster. Leaving my skin alone has helped it so much, im excited to see the next month as the first has already shown great promise. I hope as it improves I will be able to wear less makeup, which would help as well.

Watch this space :P

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Can I reccomend an antibiotic called cephalexin at 500mg three times per day. I think part of your problem is that you give up on treatments too quickly. I also think you should ask your derm for benzaclin or duac. The initial dryness, redness flaky and itchiness goes away after a few months. I just want to urge you not to stop treating your acne. See a dermatologist regularly and follow through with medications regardless of temporary side effects.

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Thanks for your comment. However I haven't given up on treatments too quickly at all, I have had acne for 10 years and I've tried all the antibiotics and topicals available to me, tried and tested for the given time and other than making my acne more inflamed there has been little to no improvement. More than that, I don't believe on using harsh treatments for life. Like I said in my post above, I am seeing better improvements since I've stopped treating the acne, and now I only use cleanser when absolutely needed or moisturiser when needed. I'm not advocating that this is what everyone should do, I'm keeping this blog for my own reference and to anyone that might have had similar experiences to me. I'm not asking advice just documenting.

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N. Clare, its been a while! I am sorry to hear that your skin has relapsed but hopeflly this new 'simplier' regimen will be benifical for your skin. I think if in 2-3 months it has not gotten better and has in fact gotten worse, you should try something else as you worked so hard the last time to lessen your marks.

I am still struggling after 2 years and i now am on my 4th regimen (the acne.org regimen). I have cleared up some but the lower half of my face continues to struggle (in the middle of a terrible breakout phase). Hopefully we'll both have some sort of success!

Good Luck and keep us updated

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Hey Sasch! Good to hear from you :)

I hope the regimen is working for you, I found it helped in the first 3-4 weeks and then it seemed to stop working on killing new acne and also slowed the healing process of the old/current. I kept it going for just over a tubes worth of BP. Sounds like everyone has such different experiences though, and like the person in the comment above mentioned, its always best to give treatments a good length of time.

Im still breaking out, but the difference is i am not getting the big cysts - these seem to appear when I use harsh treatments. I am just using what my skin needs at the time, if it feels like it needs a little cleanser or exfoliate Ill treat it as it needs. But otherwise trying to leave it alone as much as possible and treating myself to a better diet :)

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