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Day 132 Of Accutane.. Second Degree Burns.



Hello everyone! Just wanted to say that so far my face is doing great acne wise. Almost no pimples a few here or there buy definitely better. So yesterday I was outside for most of the day. I had on SPF 30 and I only reapplied it once during the day so obviously that is where my problems started. I probably should have been wearing at least SPF 45 and I should have reapplied it atleast every 2 hours. But I'm stupid and didn't. So now I have second degree burns all over my nose and cheek and they're covered in sun blisters and they are gushing this nasty stuff out if them so I didn't go to school today. So I'm not sure what to do about this. I googled it and it said a bunch of home remedies which I'm not going to try and it said go to the doctor. So I called my dermatologist and I have an appointment in a couple hours. I'm not sure if they can really do much but I figured it wouldn't hurt to go and have it checked out. Except my derm is an hour away but whatever. Also I hope I don't get skin cancer one day from this. I really need to be more smart going out in the sun.

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