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Blood Filled Pimples (Images Attached)

blogentry-209776-0-12066500-1369820132_tblogentry-209776-0-15491300-1369820461_tblogentry-209776-0-06389800-1369820463_tThe photos shown are around 5 months apart my face was clear after a period of time of pimples all over my forehead, then the pimples on my forehead disappeared and my face was clear for around a year, then i get these blood filled pimples on the side of my face.

Going through puberty i suffered from acne of my forehead. however those pimples did not leave very bad scars. i was around the age of 13 - 14 when i had lots of pimples on my forehead. after around 2 years the pimples disappeared and my face was clear for a while.

Then around the time of my 17 birthday, i started getting pimples on the sides of my face, especially in the temple regions. im not even sure if they're pimples or not. the feel soft, are filled with blood (sometimes a little pus), make the skin look a very dark purple and are very sensitive and can pop easily with little force.

the came out of no where when i turned 17. i almost went a whole year before this with clear skin (after all the pimples on my forehead disappeared). i dont know why they appeared. I don't think my life has changed much, i still eat the same if not healthier, drink the same if not more water etc, they only thing i think could have changed is stress from school work and my girlfriend, i also tend to have a lack of sleep from sleeping late.

i use to use benzyl peroxide on my face for the pimples on my forehead at the beginning of puberty, it seemed to work quite well. now for the blood filled pimples on the side of my face at around the age of 17 benzyl peroxide doesn't seem to help and tends to just make my skin very dry and flaky. nothing really seems to help. i have tried salicylic acid and tea tree oil also, they all dont seem to help.

please help me prevent these blood filled pimples on my temples. they cause bad scarring and are very sensitive and easilly popped, they also sometimes get very itchy. my face has never been this bad and i need help. i even went to the dermatologist and she didnt know what was wrong and gave me efucon gel that seemed to just make it worse.

please help me get rid of these blood filled pimples. or share your experiences and how you dealt with it, or if you're currently dealing with this problem, please. pictures of what it looks like are attached.

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I have had these blood filled cysts that you describe. what worked for me? Antibiotics, both topical and swalloable pill form. Particularly I recommend amoxicillin or cephalexin. Also for topical meds I recommend benzaclin or duac (same ingredients, benzoyl peroxide combined with clindamycin). After about ten days you should see a reduction in papules (thats what they are). Good luck!

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thank you, i will try what you have suggested and get back to you on the progress.

Thank you amoxilworx.

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Antibiotics will give your body help in stopping the reproduction of the p.acnes bacteria. I can't see any reason not to utilize them. If benzoyl peroxide isn't working then antibiotics may be your only help, short of accutane. I have been on amoxil for three years with no side effects and my skin is totally clear. I don't know what else to say. Ultimately the choice is yours but antibiotics are scientifically proven to cure and prevent new pimples from forming. If I was you I'd stick with the science and trust my doctor.

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If you're still there did the amoxicillin clear up your face back? I would like to know this since i have the same type of acne but on my cheeks :/ and it's stressing me out so much.

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Please use Facewash That Contains 2% Salicyclic Acid
for Example Neutrogena Acne Free Face Wash And Start Taking a Medicine of Isotretinoin Capsules On Regular Basis for 30-90 Days..It Will Help  You Alot....

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Hi Henryalin,
I have the exact same problem and i got this within 3 months.
Can u plz let me know what worked for u?
Would be deeply grateful for the same.

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