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Week Sevenish: Future Users Be Warned

Week Sevenish: Wow. I can see an improvement in acne. However, the most dramatic changes are the side-effects. I thought that they were over-exaggerated and would be minor nuisances. I'll start with a frequent one: dry lips. They have become so chapped I can't move them in the . morning without excruciating pain. They cut deeply and no matter how often or how much aquaphor or chapstick you apply, they are very uncomfortable and very noticeable.

Next, I get lots of dryness on my face around my nose and lips that quickly returns after moisturization.

Last, and most rare, I get terrible rash-like outbreaks on my arms infrequently that appear almost instantly and are very unappealing and irritable. Low quality pics included if anyone has suggestions. Appear more inflamed in person.

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I heard that the dryness on your arms could be eczema. You can get a prescription lotion for that I believe. I'd look into that though. Good luck :)

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Oh, it would be helpful to note that this has followed an increase in dosage from 40mg a day to 120mg per two days (one day with 40mg then one with two capsules).

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