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Day 0



May 27th, 2013

So like the reason I called this 'Day 0', was because even though I started the regimen, I kind of switched products a bit. I'm using Proactive Repair Treatment as my BP while I'm waiting for my 16oz BP. Best decision of my life. I'm also trying to wait to get the moisturizer and jojoba oil, but until then, I'm stuck with Aveeno Daily Moisturizer SPF 15. So until I really get my Regimen set ready, this will be day 0 until then. Ha.

I've had acne ever since I was around twelve, just a few years after I moved to America from Ghana. It was really bad. Each day my face grew worse, and since I hated them so much, I would constantly pick on my skin. In addition to that, having to get over culture shock and bouts of school bullying didn't help either. I still have acne, but now I have decided to do whatever it took to control it. This is seriously like my last stop. If this doesn't work, then at least I'll work with making sure my face is clean. Anyways,

My current products being used for the regimen aren't giving me any issues. But I still want to use products for the full effect. My cleanser right now is CeraVe. I love it a lot, so no cleanser for now until I feel like trying it.

I feel really good. My face feels cleaner, even though I gently cleaned it. And it's ironic that not scrubbing it makes it more cleaner. I have my hopes up. Wish me luck guys!

And I'm gonna add pictures soon!


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