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Day 9



So I am officially forcing myself on a detox. Horrible excuse, but I blame it on Memorial Day Weekend. I ate terribly and drank Fri/Sat and Sun bueno for someone who said they were going to cut down on alcohol during this treatment! While I did lose three pounds last week, I don't think that will last after this weekends fried food binge angry.png however I'm hoping with some exercise and increasing my fruit/veggie intake I'll continue to shed the weight.

As for side effects, although my lips aren't cracking, or visibly dry, I have noticed them getting significantly dryer throughout the past 2 days, which is beginning to become uncomfortable. Also, I had have 3-4 pimples form on various spots on my face over the weekend. Luckily they aren't painful or that noticeable with makeup on, but there is one in between my eyebrows that is drying me nuts!! Finally, my nose was insanely dry Sunday night, which was cured by using some Vaseline and using a Q-tip to apply it to the inside of my nose. I noticed this again Monday night, and did the same thing. When I woke up to blow my nose this morning, I noticed that I was blowing out dried blood glare.gif yuck! We'll see how the next week goes.

If anyone has questions, feel free to leave comments!

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