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End Of Month 2 Accutane



So it's almost been a full 2 months on Accutane at 80mg a day. Sure I have the normal side effects such as dry lips and dry skin. My face has gotten sooo much better, I'm not getting big cyst like acne on my forehead or cheeks at all and the worst part (my neck) is starting to clear up. Still a lot to go on the back of my neck but I'm starting to see big results on my face daily! As for my back/chest where it is by far the worst I think I'm finally over the huge cyst, really big dry bumps phase. It was really painful for the last couple weeks and I'm sure my picking/popping didn't help so I stopped doing that or at least cut back a lot. Still painful to turn or lay down in certain areas but it's really drying me out which is what I need. I know my back/chest will take much longer but each day it's getting better. It's nice to see even the slightest improvements each day so hopefully after 5-6 months I will be clear. Everybody going through this with me keep your head up, trust me I know how much it sucks to not want to go out and the pain associated with our skin but if someone like me who has the worst body acne you'll see is starting to see improvements imagine what month 5-6 will bring! Good luck to everyone and if you have any suggestions please help me out!

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