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No Sugar Diet Stopped 25,05,2013. Taking A Break For The Forseable Future

I stopped my no/low sugar diet yesterday [saturday 25 May 2013] because i have continued to have bad breakouts last few days and the whole thing is just doing my head in.

I haven't eaten any processed sugar at all for a few weeks and nothing sweet for 5 days or so but my breakouts continue. My skin is worse than average and even if it is some kind of purge or Initial breakout i am not in a position to go through all this at the moment. I don't see the point in depriving myself and eating like a mentalist if my skin is going to be worse.

There is nothing worse than not being rewarded for your discipline and it kind of destroys any motivation left i have.

Maybe i need to take an extended vacation in the woods somewhere where i can be free to try out all my mad shit without the worry if initial breakouts or purges, if they even exist that is.

I am still thinking about seeing a doctor. I will see what happens when i start eating normal again and start eating the dreaded poisons milk and sugar again. Oh Heavens forbid. I'm such a naughty boy.

For now i am going to be eating mainly normal again apart from trying to avoid nightshades and eggs, maybe nuts and seeds to. So not normal then. I can be many things but normal isn't one of them.

Of all the crazy mad ass shit i have tried i don't think i have ever actually tried removing eggs and i have always had a suspicion about nightshades.

Thinking about it nightshades and eggs are in just about every food i love so i'm just going around in circles again. When will this madness ever end.









Fuck this shit.

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the fact that you've been sticking to these diets and are willing to keep at it is commendable, really o__o;;

at least you know for sure those products are the root of your problem if anything

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