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I Survived A Friday Night!



DAY 5:

After Wednesdays incident, I stressed out about alcohol for the next two days, its Memorial Weekend, and I was going to be really ticked if I had to spend it without any drinks.

I decided to test the waters on tonight, but change the way I conducted taking my medication. I purposely ate dinner early and took my medication, and waited about 3 hours before I went out with friends to celebrate our friends birthday at a brewery (talk about temptation!). I had 1/2 a beer at the brewery and patiently waited to feel any negative effects, but I was fine!! I drove my friends to the next bar, took a shot, drank 3 twisted teas (with a glass of water in between each drink) and had no issues!!! I didn't get a headache, no nausea, and I feel great (just got home 30 min ago). I'm beginning to think that I ate dinner, took my pill and drank too close together on Wednesday. While I am ecstatic that there were no issues tonight, I am still going to proceed with extreme caution tomorrow at my friends Annual BBQ and drink plenty of water throughout the day before it begins since I'm aware that my body will still be adjusting to the Absorica. catdance.gif

On a side note, I have begun noticing that my lips are a little dryer that normal, so I am going to boost up on the Aquaphor and Vaseline. I also noticed about 3 pimples today that randomly appeared.

I will muster up the courage to add a picture or two of my face with/without makeup this weekend.

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