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First Impressions! The Regime Ft. Drugstore Products

Hey Everyone! smile.png

I know it's only been one day since starting Dan's regime with drugstore products, but I wanted to give some of my 'first impressions' and let you know how it's going so far - in case anyone is looking to start it! Also looking for a good non-greasy moisturizer suggestion so please feel free to share any you have found in the comments!

Here is my routine so far:

NIGHT: I wash my face gently with Cetaphil, pat dry with towel, then let my skin dry (5 min). I next put on the benzoyl peroxide and again wait for it to dry (15 min). Finally I gently rub in my moisturizer (I wait just a bit, then head to bed).

MORNING: (I leave the Benzoyl Peroxide out of my regime in the morning as I have sensitive skin. I'm a fair skinned redhead so I'm going to start out with just a nighttime application and see how my skin takes to it. I believe it was recommended in a few videos I watched about the regime, that if you have sensitive skin that you might be better off sticking to one application daily.)

I was my face with Cetaphil, pat dry with a towel, and then apply a mixture of my Clinique moisturizer and the Impruv moisturizer.

Initial Thoughts....

As I said in my first blog post, I'm using Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 5 (5% BP). I've found it to be pretty good although it is a bit difficult to spread. I'm using the amount that Dan suggests to start with, which is just under one third of a fingers length of product. I think it's enough but I guess because it is a bit thick, it takes a bit of work to gently rub it into the skin. I haven't experienced any drying with the BP, which I guess I can attribute to the moisturizers I am using, as well as the fact that I've just begun the regime.

I do like the 'Impruv' moisturizer, however I find it a tad bit 'greasy' feeling after a while. I find it hard to get a moisturizer that moisturizes WITHOUT that sticky, greasy feeling.

The Cetaphil face wash is nice, although I was a bit surprised by the fact that it doesn't lather! I'm use to a face wash that immediately works into a nice lather, because I find it takes less work to clean your skin (also less irritation). I'm getting use to it! I can get over the fact that it doesn't lather if I like it after a while of use.

Overall I think it's going well so far! I woke up and felt like things were looking a bit more under control, though I know it's early. The whole reason I wanted to start this regime again is because I have never found anything that works better at treating my acne prone skin, than benzoyl peroxide. Drying is my main concern of BP, so I hope my skin doesn't become a flaky mess!

I will be sure to share any updates!


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I can recommend Neutrogena Oil-free Moisture for sensitive skin. It absorbs into the skin well so does not feel greasy. If you make sure you use enough moisturiser, you might be able to avoid flakiness. Not using enough moisturiser is a mistake I have now learned not to make!

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