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Isotrex & Vitamin D3

Hi guys, I am currently using Isotrex, which is a topical gel version of isotretinoin in the concentration of 0.05%. I am finding it helpful in keeping comedones and inflammed spots at bay, but I find it quite irritating and only use it about 4-5 times a week. I am also taking fish oil that contains extra vitamin D3 and it is meant to help with acne.

I wanted to know if anyone has had sucess with either vitamin D3 or isotrex, especially in the long term.

Also, if anyone wants to ask me anything about these treatments then do let me know :)

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Hey I don't really have a question but I went to my derm's one time to figure out why I had been breaking out more than usual and she had me tell her everything I was doing to my skin, or taking, as in supplements. Well I wasn't doing anything to my face whatsoever, I don't use soap when I was my face just water and nothing else, no creams, no moisturizers, nothing. So it obviously wasn't anything I was doing to my face, and the only thing I was taking supplement wise was fish oil. I hadn't changed my diet at all, I literally ate the same thing twice a day for like 6 months straight, the same jimmy johns sandwich, and the really bad breakout was around three months into it so this backs up what i'm about to say even more. Basically fish oil makes you breakout, if you want D3 take D3 supplements, I think she said there's something in the casings that makes you breakout, like the little gel casings or whatever. Well anyways I quit taking the fish oil and almost immediately my skin cleared up, in like two days, and it hasn't been that bad since. Just a suggestion, I don't expect you to take my word for it, but you should at least look into it. It would be a monumental coincidence to start breaking out horribly shortly after starting to take fish oil, and an even bigger coincidence for the breakout to last the whole duration of my fish oil expirement (which was a month long) and then immediately stop when I quit taking fish oil.

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hey tristen, the fish oil i take is in liquid form so no gel capsules, but so far I have not had any break outs from it. I will defo take your comment into consideration though and watch out for any extra breakouts.

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