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Day 291 ( Day 21 Month 10)



Hello! How are you?smile.png

Finnaly i had time to take some photos of my skin and to upload them here.

To anyone who is starting the accutane journey now, take photos of your face/body at least one time/week. you will be amazed by the changes of your skin.

you see your face everyday in the mirror and you don't see the improvement, i know because i don't see it hahaha even if others say it's better and better.

and i was looking at my photos from the first or second month of accutane and i was O M G.( you can see them on the past entries. and you will be OMG too hahaha)

can't believe that my face looked so bad sad.png i know that at that time it's how it had to look but anyways...

my face is not perfect yet but i hope.

summer it's almost here and it's soooo so hot outside. i started to use sun protector with 50SPF and to drink a lot of water again. it reminds me of the first days with accutane i don't know why hahaha

Have a good day!

Right Cheek


Left Cheek


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