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I Lost Track



It's been a minute since I've been on here! I've raised my dose with the ungodly expensive 30 mg. twice a day. If there is one recommendation I can make- Don't start this unless you have some money put away, or unless your insurance rocks because mine CLEARLY does not. -___- Anyways.

I'm dryer than I ever have been, my face isn't as red though, but my eyes? I'm to the point of putting aquaphor practically IN them before I sleep so I don't wake up painfully crusty, and with allergy season at an all time high (so they say this year), it's miserable. But I got what I wanted for my entire life- clear skin. I have one pimple on my forehead which is probably the size of a push pin needle, until I popped it- bad idea. It's a planet (just crusty).

I've been moisturizing my entire body with olive oil at night, and putting on bath and body works body butter in the morning.

I learned my lesson with the sun the hard way- fun in the sun doesn't exist whilst on accutane. You will burn, fry, cremate. Everything else imaginable and it sucks.

I began with the la mer sun protection 30 and I stay indoors and when I step out side, I basically sprint to my car to avoid sun contact haha :/ But two months and I'm done. Thank. GOD.

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I heard bath and body works lotions have more ingredients in them that dry skin more than moisturize skin. I'm not sure if it was a rumor or not though. I feel like more heavily fragranced lotions are less moisturizing.

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I use the True Blue Spa series and it's very very thick. And olive oil to double up on my moisture. It works though tremendously. Now the signature collection series? Yes, they are drying and they don't moisturize to the slightest.

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