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Amazing Scar Treatment

I have been using Nerium AD since February and love the product. It is a night time cream that I put on my skin and just wash off with cold water in the morning. Prior to application I wash my makeup off at night with Gano Soap which is a very gentle but effective facial soap. I personally use it twice just to make sure I am getting all my makeup off. By the way, I am not posting this to sell the product. I choose not to sell the product because I don't like talking about my prior acne issue face to face with strangers. I post here because I understand the pain caused by acne.

Now this is where the real excitement is. I began using NewGel+ just over a month ago and I am so happy with the results. After washing my face with cold water in the morning and gently drying my skin, I apply the NewGel+ to the scarred areas on my skin. I then apply my makeup over it. I do not use lotion or any other drying product. I just apply my makeup over the dried NewGel+ and leave it on during the day. My skin texture is so much smoother, my pores are much smaller and my deep scars are now very minimal.

Something to make mention of is that I used to have major digestive issues, Acid Reflux and Food Interolerances. I still have the allergic reactions to food, but they don't seem to cause my acne the way they use to, See my profile for more information on that topic,

I have seen such drastic changes in my skin over the last 6 months that my friends are starting to forget that I even had such a bad problem with acne. I hope for the same results for you.

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