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Day 113 Of Accutane!



So last night me and some friends were up all night long at this event we went which was from 12am until 7am this morning. And basically I was awake for 27 straight hours. When I got home I was washing my face and I noticed my cheeks were covered in clusters of little tiny whiteheads! So I have no clue what happened! Lat night I put on some makeup after not wearing makeup for a few weeks. But it was only a little translucent powder because I knew I would be sweating and didn't want my face being shiny and sweaty. I've also used the same makeup before and it never broke me out! So I don't know if it was because I didn't sleep or because I haven't used makeup in a while. But anyway I used so clearasil on my face because I wanted to use something that wasn't really strong but would help clear it up without a lot of drying. So yeah that was pretty weird. I have no clue why that happened.

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I totally know what you mean. Before I started Amoxil (I know i sound like a commercial ad for amoxil, but anyhow), I used to get whiteheads after a night of partying. It was so sad. i felt like I couldn't do anything or wear any make-up. One of the keys to my success has been to constantly have antibiotic on my face. Between applications of benzaclin and my own home fashioned version of Ziana http://www.ziana.com/.

I mix my 0.1% tretinoin with topical clindamycin gel and apply it first thing in the morning. A few hour later , like three, I wash that off and reapply benzaclin. So goes my day. I never give bacteria a chance to multiply on my face. I also use antibacterial dial soap on my face that contains triclosan which has been proven to kill the bacteria that cause us to blemish. So anyways, good luck...I hope I haven't talked your ear off. I'm like the Jehovah's witness of amoxil in this community of bloggers.

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