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Day 43



Just wanted to update as things have changed...

I am breaking out again! I have 3-4 spots on my back that are quite painful, and one on my chest, and one on my face. Granted, this is less than it used to be when it was at its worst, but still, this is the most I've broken out so far on Accutane. Could have something to do with the upping of the dosage from 40mg to 60mg 13 days ago. Also, I've been running a ton, so that could be part of it - my back breaks out when I run and don't shower immediately afterward.

Also wanted to share this:

This lip balm has helped A TON - today, I have no peeling so far. This is helping so much more than Aquaphor did - active ingredients are shea butter and jojoba oil.

One more than: OTHER than the one spot on my face, my skin is overall way better. The spot if on my chin, and my cheeks are like rosy and smooth and I feel like the spots and scars went from angry purple to red to light red and now they're kind of pink. i hope they go away forever!

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