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New Regime :) High Hopes

S davina


Alright, so I had a pretty good experience with my derm. Like i said wacky, but smart as hell! She gave me way too much information to take in though! Firstly new diet. Everything organic just to see if the hormones in the food is adding to my flare ups, only for 3 months so its basically just an experiment. She thinks 80% of my acne has to do with food. She actually wants me to change my tooth paste because of flouride! And seeing as your mouth is so close to the lymph nodes it could definitely have something to do with the cysts and swollen lymph nodes I always have. Again, just an experiment. She prescribed me a new soap which I already love! Effaclar purifying foaming gel by la Roche-Posay. It smells soooo good! And it's so gentle and soft on the skin. First time using it tonight and it felt really great! She doesn't want me using stievamycin gel anymore because she thinks its too strong for my skin and that's why I'm so inflamed, she prescribed me something called sulfacet-r lotion. It has no smell but looks really creamy and gentle which my swollen face will love! Going to use that in about 20 minutes when I know my skin is completely dry. I was also prescribed neo-medrol acne lotion for my shoulders which aren't in bad shape right now but still need clearing. This stuff smells really good too! It's up lifting when your acne products smell good.. It almost makes the experience a little fun. So anyways Ill keep posting more blogs to show my progress, I'm really hoping this does the trick!

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