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What Caused/cured My Cystic Acne..



Okay, I'm pretty bad at keeping a blog.

What caused my cystic acne?

Well lets see... about 10 years ago I went to an allergy specialist and he said 'No dairy for you' okay.. not so bad.. I'll just drink soy... then I added rice milk, then almond and oat..

Became vegetarian, later became vegan. Eating tofu and drinking soy coz you know, you should have protein.

Soy has been the cause of the large cystic acne all around my face, but mainly on my forehead and even, inside my ears. There was no cycle to it. No pattern. Just randomly I would get a breakout followed by more just as the original ones were going away.

GP would always give antibiotics and topical creams

Saw a derm who wanted me on accutane. Never went on it and am glad about it. More antibiotics, more topical creams. The derm said I have excellent skin except for the cystic breakouts. Excellent, in that my age isn't showing, doesn't scar badly etc.

My naturopath put me on a variety of stuff including Premular that I was to take everyday (this was while still drinking soy). It helped so much more than anything before. Went from 10 breakouts all over my face to just always having one or two however, they would clear up a lot faster.

At some point I started exercising more and having protein shakes. Protein was made from rice but I was using soy milk. The more I drank and the worse it got. Finally there was a pattern. That's when it clicked. Got rid of soy completely. Cystic acne completely cleared. COMPLETELY!

I was clear for a whole year and recently ate 2 chocolate truffles that were dairy-free and I wasn't thinking and of course they contained soy. Within 24-hours two large cystic pimples appeared on my forehead. It was that quick.. This was on the 13th of April and now its the 9th of May and the acne, while they are just two tiny red spots now, they are still there. That's how long my cystic acne sticks around for.

I stopped the premular at some point as well last year because the acne was gone. I was just so sick of constantly taking pills. I can say that it helped me a lot with my pms and I have noticed that these breakouts are taking a very long time to clear. Had I been on premular when I ate the truffles, they would have already have disappeared by now. So as off today, because I was told to wait for the first day of my cycle, I'm back on it for pms reasons.

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