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Not Feeling The Best.

S davina


Well.. It's been a rough 10 years that's for sure. Recently feeling more depressed then usual because of a crazy breakout that is not only noticeable from far but painful. Using stievamycin gel, was on the mild form before which seemed to he working, not clearing completely but keeping things at bay, then finding out they no longer have this in Quebec.. One pharmacy had stievamycin regular form so I grabbed it.. Doctor told me if I reacted well to the mild I could move on to the regular so that's what I did. It's been about 2 weeks that I've been using it and I'm completely broken out. Nodules and cysts are extremely active and inflamed on my chin , jaw line, neck and forehead. Many people experience an initial breakout from this product but I'm hoping its at its worst because at this point I'm already avoiding Coctact with anyone.

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