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Introducing My New Skincare Routine - Acne.org System



HEADS UP! - picture heavy entry so sorry in advance if I blow up anyone's phone or something @___@;;

Hi everyone! It's been quite awhile but I come back with news to share - the new skincare items I've been using has shown results. By the title of this blog post it's a huge spoiler - I've been using the Acne.org system.


I caved in a got it early February. My last skincare items I used were dreadful....check out my last post if you're curious on how tragic I think the Micheal's true organics skincare line is. Anyway on a brighter note I had high hopes for Dan's products. I heard about this line initially from someone on youtube. Her ID is OhBeauty88. She no longer makes vids sadly D: but! the ones she still has up online are still useful. I found her randomly when she posted up a video talking about her acne. It wasn't one of those videos were she sat around with near perfect skin and preached about this line. It was back when she had active, visible breakouts. I subbied her earlier on in her youtube life and she eventually tried Acne,org's system. Ever since then, she has reported back her results and they have been so great - it was really fun to tag along on her journey to clearing up her skin!

so as most of you guys know. this line is straight forward. Lets start the review!

Acne.org Cleanser

This is a gel cleanser - it's clear and lathers up very nicely. Most importantly, THERE IS NO REPULSIVE SCENT. It's so nice to have a facial cleanser that's not trying to court me with scents of floral notes or suffocating me with charcoal fumes -coughmichaeltoddscough-

I use 1 full pump and lather it between my hands before working it into my skin for 10 seconds. I KNOW. 10 SECONDS? It felt so WRONG to only go at my skin for a mere 10 seconds but I followed the instructions sent to me to a T. I suppose the perks of this is knowing that my face washing time is less than 15 seconds if anything so I can go to bed quicker hahaha.

Acne.org Treatment

I really think this guy is the star. No funky smell, efficient packaging and it has cut down the overall oil production on my face by so much! I actually have rather normal/dry skin now because of this. I do get oily in the day but I'm no longer an oil slick. Who knew 2.5% benzoyl peroxide would be my saving grace? You're suppose to use this as an all over facial treatment, not spot treatment. I tried working my way up into using two full pumps of this stuff at night but my skin became TOO flaky for me to deal with. For the past two months I've been using this, I've found out the perfect amount for my skin. About a super fat pea size amount during the day and 2 fat pea sizes at night. This soaks up into my skin fairly quickly as well.

WARNING! - it kinda irritates my eyes...it's not like I get it INTO my eyes but I guess maybe there's some other ingredient that makes my eyes feel a tad bothered. Nothing too extreme, it's not like it's burning my eyeballs out but it's something to note.

Acne.org Moisturizer

The first month I used this when my skin was drying up from the treatment, it kinda burned. Not in the OMFG-I-NEED-TO-WASH-THIS-OFF...more so like "oh...wah, this is kind of uncomfortable." To soothe my skin I just fanned myself until the moisturizer dried. My skin no longer feels a burning sensation to this moisturizer. The "burning" never got to the point where it became unbearable, just slightly irritating so I toughed it out and I suppose it paid off. I use a pretty generous amount. I work one pump into my skin in the morning and 2 pumps at night! It sinks it nicely and doesn't leave a greasy/oily residue!

Btw I know in the picture above the moisturizer looks kinda green and disgusting. It really isn't like that at all LOLS BLAME THE LIGHTING WAH! Here I'll prove it to you. It's actually yellow because of the jojoba in it apparently so there you go!


Acne.org AHA+

Oh gosh...I actually think this was what made me start flaking out of control around my lower cheeks. I used it once but it was quite early on. I believe I used it about a month into the regimen? I don't have enough experience with this product yet so I'll have to do a follow up blog post just for this guy.

So far I've just been using only the regimen (minus the AHA+ for now) and it just has been working out so well (knock on wood D:). So far it has been very promising and it just checks out well with everything I've wanted for a staple skincare. Efficient packaging, minimal products, non-scented and most importantly - results!

Lets see how far my skin has come along biggrin.png

August 2012


October 2012


April 2013




Not bad eh?

I'd also like to mention my current problem areas - I've marked them out for yah.


I've been trying to deal with the flakiness with another product. I use this product on my lower cheeks during the day to minimize my flakes. To my surprise, it doesn't clog my pores. One of my friends who also as acne praises this stuff and I've had it with me for over a year now. It's a super thick cream and a little dab is enough for both of my cheeks.

Eucerin Original Healing Cream


What about jojoba oil you ask? I tried mixing that into my moisturizer as recommended but straight up jojoba oil made my skin breakout, even during the regimen. I stopped right away so my skin could recover.

So far so good! I don't have much else to say but YAY, THIS WORK FOR ME XD! I'm glad I took the chance with this line. I actually bought the smaller 8oz line, finished that then went ahead to purchase the more cost efficient 16oz set. I'll definitely do a follow up post 6 months down the line and another post about the AHA+!

I hope you're all doing well and keep at it with your skincare! School has been taking over my life but I'll be sure to answer any question you might have XD Good luck and I'll see you later~

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