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Spring is finally here in Minnesota. The last of the snow is melting as we speak. I have to make a very important purchase. I need to buy moisturizer with spf. I am thinking neutrogena. I am open to suggestions. My skin is still acne free. I am still on amoxicillin. Benzaclin, check. tretinoin, check. clindamycin check. since I use tretinoin, I get sunburned easily.injured.gif

My self-esteem is better now that my skin is clear. I fear my days of blogging are numbered since I keep saying the same thing over and over. Once you find your cure, there is very little to report. I'll prolly hang around just to comment on other people's blogs. If something goes wrong for some reason I may blog again. who knows.

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HI AMOX<3! yeahh! try out the neutrogena dry touch sunscreen. it's not oily at all and it drys to a nice matte finish biggrin.png it's really affordable too :>

I think I overkill it with the SPF since the ones that I get from nuetrogena is like..SPF 100 XD

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