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Week 6: Day 37 Pictures



My lips are dry as ever and are definitely peeling. The left corner of my mouth is cracking and it doesn’t seem to matter how much Vaseline I put on it, it still cracks and bleeds.

Beyond the dry lips, I’ve had more dry skin, but nothing big or major other than that.

When I visited my dermatologist last week, he told me that my face would improve first before my back. It’s only been six weeks and I really haven’t seen a dramatic improvement just yet. I think that for most people, the turning point is when they get into their third month of their Accutane treatment. I’m just beginning month two, so hopefully these pictures will someday show some beautiful, clear skin. Sometimes it feels like it’s just never coming.

Here are this week’s pictures:

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we are on about the same day, i have no back acne but my face acne looks about the same as yours and my lips too!!!!
I am on day 37 so i guess you could say we are similar. I hope ur doing good!

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