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From: White Rice Or Wheat?which One Is,lets Say, Less Harmful For A Acne Patient(In General)?

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  1. 1. which would u quit?white rice or whole wheat??

    • white rice
    • whole wheat

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i'm not sure if anyone else has this question in mind but i am in serious confusion!

there are people who say white rice is poison and others who stress on a gluten-free diet.

if one had to choose,which one would you choose?

going by logic , white rice is bad for it raises the insulin level(sudden spike) ..for it's got high GI.whereas gluten is said to be inflammatory.

so,what do u think?which one is (let's say) less harmful(or safer to carry on with)??

(my story :

i have both white rice and whole wheat flat bread(home made) for lunch and dinner respectively.i've had phases in between when am absolutely clear and dnt have acne for may be a mnth or more.

so,does that mean am intolerable to any one of it??

which one should i quit? )

if u have any question regarding this,please let me know.

i'll add it here.



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