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Day 24



Day 24 - washed my face and one of the big scabs came off. I thought to myself, oh so the other scab might be ready to come off too since they kind of happened at the same time. So I began to pick at the other scab and it initially started peeling off nicely.... I tore the whole thing off and I was wrong -_-;; there was still 10% that wasn't ready and it started to bleed a bit. It might just scab over again. Stupid of me.

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Ok, time to bring in the bad cop. You have to stop picking scabs. Scabs are your skin's way of taking a private moment to heal. When you remove that shield ie..the scab, you are opening the underlying wounded tissue to more bacteria. It can also scar if you continuously ruin scabs. Please take a higher dose antibiotic. You have to find a way to reduce the number of pimples you encounter thereby reducing your compulsion to pick at the sores. Good luck! I know you are smart! btw are you on accutane?

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i know i know. i'm sorry. its not the pimples i'm picking at, its the black heads :'( any advice? duac only seems to be getting rid of blackheads 50% (which is still good, but I want them all gone!)

and on, i'm not on Accutane, my skin isn't that pimply :) just scarred :(

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