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Emma Stone On Accutane?



I never ever imagined the girl with porcelain skin had used accutane, but apparently Emma stone said so in an interview:


it's interesting that she said that she went off of it after only 2 months and now she has dry skin, lips and eyes. Maybe she took a really high dose?

Anyhow, I am going to 40 mgs this weekend, wish me luck! My dermatologist said my blood tests were excellent.

I also plan to see my naturopath next week to start detoxifying my liver and see what else I can do.

So far, the effects have been mild for me. Except for some pain in my middle toe that lasted for days! I was starting to get worried cause it hurt a little when I walked, it's better now. I got that pain after walking for about 3 hours at an exhibition last weekend.

Happy friday!

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Its always nice to hear that celebrities have the same worries as we do. I had never heard of Emma Stone before your post. smile.png

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I know! I only wish celebrities would be more open about their struggles with acne, I mean they talk about their struggles with weight all the time, why is acne such a taboo?

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