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Day 46/day 29



i'm feeling pretty cautiously optimistic about tazorac. my forehead looks smoother, pores look smaller. i'm still getting some clogged pores, but they come and go fairly quickly. spiro keeps working on my hormonal acne--haven't gotten one of those inflamed whiteheads in a couple weeks. i am still getting random red clogged pores on my jaw/cheeks, but they're not that noticeable, and i think it's probably from switching from retin-a micro to tazorac. i also really like the consistency of tazorac--spreads really easily and doesn't leave a film. i'm still getting some flakes but they're fine with moisturizer. i do get these weird plugs on my upper lip, that almost look like dry skin but can be plucked out with tweezers like they're hairs. anyone have any idea what those are?

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