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Sudden Whiteheads!please Suggest!



today i woke up and suddenly i have these tiny lil' whiteheads(sharp looking) on my cheeks.

am not sure how and why on earth i got then suddenly.

i've been following the same routine i follow except for

#2 days ago i had one indian sweet(which is like 2 bites of cake,really),

#for about 4-5 days i've having yoghurt in fruit salad.(i had tested for yoghurt before.i had stopped having yoghurt for about a mnth and then had it twice a day for 2-3 days...no,i dint have zits then. keeping that in mind i've started yoghurt...am not sure if that's the problem.)

#i had chicken curry(not much) for lunch yesterday.

#chewing on cinnamon sticks for 2 days now.

please suggest?


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i'm so upset about the fact that most of my posts go unanswered.

it's utter desperation and need for some support & help that makes me write a post.

and even after waiting for days..and visiting the page every other moment even after 'no notification' on it..i see no replies at all.

it's plain hurtful.sad.png

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