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Eye Sensitivity While On Accutane



Anyone else with eye sensitivity??

I feel like the the sunlight is seems brighter, also I have work to do on the computer, and it also seems brighter.

My right eye feels it bit more than the left. But I don't feel any eye dryness, just the sensitivity.

what do do? I have a full day of work and I bothers me I work on the computer all day today

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Hey Catlover, i popped my first roaccutane pill last night. Im only on 20mg , and im 70kg and around 6 foot, so i assumed it would be smooth sailing! but this morning i woke up and my whole body aches, my eyes are sore and i have a minor headache!

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Hi there! That's kind of weird,mi didn't get any of that. Just the stomach problem but that was due the milk thistle I was taking.

You should definitely ask your doctor, did you take it with food? Are you drinking lots of water?

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