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Accutane Day 25




Another quick update....

So I've been on accutane 25 days now and at the moment I feel like im at a stand still :( nothing to really report. my skin hasn't really changed in the last few days but here's what's happened so far....

Side effects:

- dry skin face, scalp and body but nothing unmanageable

- lips are dry but again nothing unmanageable.

- dry mouth in mornings

- more achy n get tired easily...

- joints making cracking noises :(

- mood swings (get upset very quickly n crying a lot more) but had a tough week.

Erm... nothing really else that Ive noticed. Im quite surprised that my side effects all seem quite manageable atm most people say how bad there lips get but mine havent been that bad maybe its still early days...

Ok now onto my acne update:

- 4 active cysts on forehead 2 small and 2 gigantic ones (although one has reduced from last week).3 of which are quite red... skin texture looks horrible on forehead atm.

-had an underground pimple a couple months ago that never came to the surface on my right cheek which left a hard flat lump. this looks more obvious. Like its being pushed out. I dunno but its really bugging the crap outter me. I keep prodding which doesnt help (wish i could stop the picking n touching)

- a few white little white heads on upper lip n chin.

- loads of blackheads on nose which I didn't have before accutane.

Erm lots of redness and skin looking rough lol

I hope I start to see results soon. First month was supposed to be the hardest but im fearful for the second month too. When do you start seeing results or does it just depend on the person?

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