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Day 40/day 23



finally dealing with less peeling...before i would moisturize and everything was fine, but when i washed my face i was still rubbing off a ton of skin...that's better now. also switched to olay sensitive skin foaming face wash and i like it. bottom half of my face is doing well, and my forehead still has some bumps but looks a little smoother i think. i get primarily clogged pores/non inflamed acne on my forehead, and with tazorac i'm seeing the bumps come out, hang out for a few days, and then shrink down again pretty quickly, which makes me feel like it's working. i also got bangs! haha which helps in covering some of the bumps/makes me feel better about it. i had bangs before, when i was starting to use atralin, and i know they don't make my skin worse, which is good.

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