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Day 3 Levulan

Day 3 and the redness has subsided. I woke up this morning with the majority of my skin a flakey, itchey mess. In the pictures from yesterday you can see on my left side that I had some bright red blemishes on my chin and along my jaw bone. But today, those have all mostly dried up and are just scabs now. I am fighting a serious urge to not pick at everything or grab a wet towel to scrub my face.

I know this is doing wonders, I can feel it. But I can also feel that it hasn't necessarily 'cured' me either. I can still feel new blemishes coming up to the surface. I know that some people experienced a day of purging skin but, this doesn't feel like that. It feels like I still have pimples that may have been too deep for the Levulan or laser to reach.

No burning and also the light sensitivity is gone. Really the only iritating sensation left is the itchy-ness.

Here are more pictures from today.


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