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Day 02



Took Day 01 of Accutane (actually generic Amnesteem) yesterday - starting at 40mg for 161 pound 22 year old female with moderate to severe acne on the face, neck and back.

Breakdown of acne at beginning of treatment:

BACK - Depends on day - sometimes back will be fairly clear, other days not so much. Typically, deep cysts or nodules will form on my upper back and last about a week. They don't come to a head, but they are very deep and generally the size of a penny or smaller, but are encircled by red rings and diamater can be up to the size of a quarter or larger, if there are clusters of a few in one place. They tend to form only on my upper back -like the top 2 inches of my back only.

ARMS/CHEST - Has been bad, but never nodules or cysts. For a few weeks in December, my arms were covered in whiteheads - who knows why? And my chest can get cysts once in a blue moon.

FACE - There's always something - sometimes it's a nodule/cyst on the cheek or forehead, sometimes it's just a whitehead on the chin or between the eyebrows. The WORST part is the neck, jawline, by me ears - that's where nodular and cystic acne forms.

At this very moment, I have 4-5 large, deep nodules on my back - really not that many active ones, but the redness makes it look very bad. I have a mess of some lighter acne on my forehead, in a spot where there's been outbursts for weeks. I have a large lump on my nose, and a recovering whitehead on the right side of my chin, and 2 lumps on my jawline and neck - left side of jawline and right side of neck.


This is the best photo of my back I could get by myself...that one large nodule is as bad as it gets for me. the way my back is this week i would rank as being in the top 5 worst breakouts ever. So...again I would consider myself moderate to severe, 22 years, what i have is adult acne, female, 161 lbs, 5'7'', very active.

About to take Day 02 of Accutane.

I already feel some dryness on my legs, face, lips, and eyes. Going to get eyedrops and chapstick tonight.

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