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Accutane: Products Im Using




Here is a list of the products I'm using whilst on accutane/isotretinoin:

Face and lips:

- Eucerin milk cleanser (for dry sensitive skin)

- Oilatum Natural Repair Cream (designed for irritated, dry and sensitive skin)

- Vaseline for lips

- Aquaphor soothing skin balm (back up stock if skin and lips get really dry).

- Dry Eyes drops from local drug store


- Johnsons baby lavender body wash

- Johnsons Baby Oil (applied on wet skin after shower/bathing

- E45 Intense Recovery moisture control lotion (for very dry skin)


Johnsons Baby Shampoo

jasmine oil/ almond oil (applied once a week for a hour or so before washing hair for deep conditioning).

I've chosen to use the baby range as its designed for delicate babies skin... and whilst on accutane our skin goes through so much that I thought it was the best option.

Hope this helps anyone curious to know about the products people are using whilst on this treatment.

If anyone highly recommends a product please let me know.

Best of luck everyone :) xx

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Thanks for sharing! Just stocked up on Accutane products myself - only on day 3, but I know dryness is going to be an issue for me.

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