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Accutane Day 20 Update




Just a quick update... im now on day 20 and have previously been on 25mg but since 2 days ago I started taking 40mg.

So far I have experienced the following side effects:

- dry lips (nothing unmanageable atm)

- dry mouth (getting a metallic taste too)

- skin not greasy on face anymore which is a nice feeling atm.

- loads of blackheads on nose

- dry skin on legs and arms (powdery looking)

- dry eyes

- aches in knees and lower back

- mood swings (but this could be due to my period starting next week) lol

Acne update:

- old acne looking more inflamed

- weird little white/blacks heads mixed within dry skin that pop out of skin

- one new white head pimple but this seems to be drying out quickly.

- cysts on forehead still really angry looking

- largest cyst seems to be deflating though.

So thats about it atm...

Hope everyone who is on accutane or a acne medication is still going strong... its tough stuff waiting to get that finish line. Good luck and stay strong xx

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