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Day 2

Cassie Reannan


Hey guys,

Day 2 of the regimen. I use BP only at night (pea size amount) to my problem area which is my chin. I am starting to take 50mg of zinc everyday now, in conjunction with my multi-vitamin.

Side effects so far:

- Itchiness

- Dried older pimples

- a new inflammed pimple on my cheek, but thats to be expected??

Today I had uni so I wore make up and it felt so yuck.. I need to get a new foundation because the one I have is horrible and is too dark for me... wacko.png Other than that I guess I see a bit of an improvement? I don't know if it's the regimen, the doxy or my pill? eusa_think.gif

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Hi Cassie! Have you tried physicians formula makeup? Their makeup is non-comedogenic, non-hypoallergenic, paraben free, talc free, won't clog pores and is very affordable. You should really try the Youth Wear foundation its medium to full coverage and it hides texture very well. It's matte and controls oily skin amazingly, and it looks like you just put velvet on your face! I hope this helps! :)

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