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Birth Control Pill For Acne.

annie ell


So, after not taking anything and suffering yet another horrendous breakout, becoming increasingly depressed I dragged myself back to the doctors.

A couple of years ago, Roaccutance did a great job of clearing up my skin for about half a year before slowly it began to return. I tried all the antibiotics and creams again without luck. I also tried birth control, which, after my doctor's visit today, I have got again.

Hopefully, I'll begin to see great improvement in the next six months, although I'm not looking forward to the side effect of weight gain. As it was several years ago I last took birth control I cant really remember what it was like, so if any of you have recently taken it or are taking it for you skin, please mail me or comment with how successful it has been! x

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My friend just went on it and her skin broke out really bad! But it should get better after that! Good luck!

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Oohh man I know what a pain in the ass acne can be ! For the past 6 years its been a never ending battle . I cannot afford roaccutane so I'm on the generic of Diane .I'm on the last week of pack 4 and I still break out !!!!!!! I don't know how much patience I can have .my skin is less oily and just when I think its gettn better I break out again .goodluck!

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thank you! do you know how long the initial breakout lasted? I hope mine doesn't go on for that long, I don't think I could bare it :( I hope yours gets better! x

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The most pimples ill get on my face is two but it looks sooooo bad c0z of the pink post acne marks . When I started the birth control my face got better instantly then downhill from there . I guess I can't just expect my face to be flawless overnight but that's all dat I tink of ! I've become obsessed wid flawless skin ! I'm currently using lemon to fade post acne marks . But I noticed sumdin really odd -my pill free week I never have any active pimples @ all do u know y ? I find it strange c0z b4 BC pills I would have severe break outs wen its period time .so I'm all confused here !!

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