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Why Didn't I Do This Sooner?

So i'm sitting here with a bunch of moisturizer on my face feeling super sexy because my skin is looking DAMN GOOD.

All jokes aside, i'm honestly wondering why I didn't go to a doctor to get anything prescription until now. My acne was never serious, but it was worse than mild. I'd say it was in the moderate/mild range depending on what I was doing to it at the time. I struggled for years with bad skin. I had to wear makeup at all times- NO ONE got to see me without makeup (not my parents, not my friends, not any boy i'm getting sexy with, barely my roommate) because I had 4 or 5 fading marks and 8-10 active lesions at a time. I have icepick scars and a ton of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation from having acne so many years (if you haven't read any of my journals, its been pretty persistent for 10 years, and i'm only 21). So why didn't I ever DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT?! Its making me genuinely angry that I never did- once I took the step, it was so easy. I could have saved myself years of pain and self-consciousness. All I had to do was go to the clinic- it took me an hour (two if you count the original appointment to get my alesse prescription) and I get clear skin. I've been old enough for birth control for probably 8 years and I could have gotten an acne medicine at any time. I guess I was lazy, and I though that my acne wasn't bad enough for a prescription, I didn't want to go through the steps to get a derm, and that birth control would make me gain weight. Well, anyone who is reading this- learn from my mistakes. If your acne is mild/moderate, and you think that its going to be a pain in the ass to get a derm or go on the pill - JUST DO IT. I didn't need a derm (went to a clinic doctor) and it took me less than 2 weeks on the right pill+ a prescription acne medication to achieve 100% clear skin.

I'm a little bit tipsy right now, so this is rambly (a testament to how you don't need to give up alcohol eating habits to clear moderate acne?). But seriously. I didn't change my life at all, just by getting a doctor's opinion i've cleared my skin.


Flaxseed- less intense about taking a certain amount each day, but try to get at least 1/4c a week.

1 mulitvitamin (Vitamins A, C, B1, B2, D6, B12 and D, Beta-Carotene, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Calcium, Iodine, Magnesium, Chromium, Biotin)

50mg extra Zinc

Marvelon birth control, taken as directed at the same time each night.

Morning routine:

1. Wash face with Phisioderm acne prone cleanser

2. Moisturize with Garnier Moisture Resuce Refreshing Gel Cream

Morning Makeup Routine:

1. Prime and moisturize with CoverFx Nourishing Anti-Aging Primer

2. Apply coverage- Usually Vichy's Dermablend and Make-Up Forever's Waterproof Concealer

4. Clarins Instant Light Blush for days I need longer wear (its a liquid so it goes on before my powder)

5. Finish with EITHER a mix of Korres Oil-Free Multivitamin Powder Compact and Purminerals Original powder compact (if I still need a bit of coverage; neither were suited to my skin when I used them) or CoverFx finishing powder (for natural looking fixing with no coverage)

6. Bareminerals loose powder blush for added flush if I need it

7. Everything else- eyes, lips, brows, whatever i'm in the mood for wink.png

Nighttime Routine:

1. Remove eye makeup with jojoba oil

1. Wash face with Phisioderm acne prone cleanser

3. Treat with Benzaclin prescription- 2 days spot treat, 1 day treat all over with 1/2 pump=

4. Moisturize with Garnier Moisture Resuce Refreshing Gel Cream + as much Jojoba as I need + Vitamin E cream for eye and mouth area (still trying to fix this super dry skin)

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