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Day 23/day 6



think i'm getting a little more into an initial breakout...a couple of the giant clogged pores on my forehead around my hairline have gone down, but more popped up. i have a few more clogged pores on my cheeks, and one of the whiteheads i had last week that went away has left a red mark...and i'm pretty sure another pimple is popping up in the exact same place. hate that! oil is still the same, sebaceous hyperplasia is about the same. i'm not adding anything new to my regimen for 12 weeks, but after that i'd like to try a toner to shrink my pores a little, and i've heard great things about paula's choice bha 9 specifically for sebaceous hyperplasia. good news is i'm only experiencing a little burning when i apply tazorac before the side effects are minimal...except my face is pretty red.

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