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Day Twenty-Three



Right, I've changed my regime a bit. Well, a lot, actually. My face was bright red all of the time, more red than I think acne can cause. So I've got rid of the cleanser, and I'm not moisturising either because I'm convinced it breaks me out. Now I'm washing with water in the morning, and soaking my face in water and epsom salt at night.

I've seen a huge difference this morning from doing that. My face is a lot less red, lots of the smaller bumps have gone, and a couple of the marks have faded. So yay! Pleased at the moment rolleyes.gif I'm still drinking a glass of carrot juice a day, and I'm starting to drink even more water - at least five bottles a day. So the improvement could be from that. Now I just need to cut out chocolate and I'll be set! Yeah, like that'll happen...

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