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Day 10. Whatevz



Okay... It could be my imagination, but it looks like my chin skin hangs a little lower? Haha maybe I'm getting fat!

Also, I realized that my white/black heads are slowly coming back on my nose. Eh, good thing I don't really care too much about them. I'm more concerned about the bigboys taking over my face.

Daily picture in the same lighting:


Day 10 AM before wash


Day 10 AM before wash


Day 10 AM after wash


Day 10 AM after wash

Weird, it looks less red in the "after wash" pictures. huh.png

Got a job interview in the city today.. Guh, I hate wearing makeup!

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Your skin is looking good :D I feel the same about make up, smh but I hardly ever go a day without wearing it unfortunately. One day! Lol but good luck on the job interview :)

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Aww thank you!! :D Yeah, using makeup to cover up acne and red marks really suck! Haha, I kept adding blotting powder to my face on the train so it didn't look oily. Good luck with the dermatologist on Thursday! I look forward to reading about it!

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