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Holy Fukkkk! Day 4



Broke out with a million little zits!!! UGHHHhhh Last night my skin felt a little warm and funny, so I knew something was up, but WTF!

It's quite bizarre because my main acne problem has always been gigantic zits, not really the small ones.

I'm hoping to God they go away soon because my skin has NEVER looked this bad.

(I'm almost embarrassed to put these pictures up... If anyone is actually reading this thing, let me know. I'm about to put the setting on private)


Day 4 After shower Afternoon


Day 4 After shower Afternoon

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Amoxicillin works for me. I also use Retin-a and benzaclin. Retin-a and amoxicillin really help with the smaller zits. Benzaclin also exfoliates and kills bacteria. It is benzoyl peroxide combined with topical clindamycin. Get to a better you!

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@amoxilworx: I'll try amoxicillin next if what the dermatologist prescribed doesn't work in about a month! Thanks for the advice!

@Is206816: I called the doctor today and he said it's supposed to get worse before it gets better... I hope he's right and it isn't an allergic reaction. :(

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with quite a few topicals you can expect the acne to get a little worse at the beginning its fairly common for people to experience this. Ziana has retnoid as one of its ingredients.

My advice is just to start slowly in terms of the amount you use people tend to opt to a pea size amount but some can tolerate more or less it all depends on your skin etc

The forum has some great logs of people who have been on similar medication check them out if you can

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